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Salesforce Email-to-Case automatically turns customer emails into cases, so your agents can quickly track and resolve issues. This Zimlet adds Email2Case to the Zimbra More menu.

Configure and Deploy the Zimlet

Here are the steps to configure and deploy the Zimlet …

Get zimbra-zimlet-salesforce.zip and as Zimbra user:

  zmzimletctl deploy zimbra-zimlet-salesforce.zip


To configure the sfsubdomain in the Zimlet, add your url and create a config template:

  echo '<zimletConfig name="zimbra-zimlet-salesforce" version="0.0.1">
          <property name="sfsubdomain">na87</property>
  </zimletConfig>' > /tmp/salesforce_config_template.xml


Import the new configuration file by the running following command:

  zmzimletctl configure /tmp/salesforce_config_template.xml


To find your Salesforce subdomain, log into Salesforce from the web browser and check the address bar.

Zimlet In Action

When deployed, the Salesforce Email2Case option is in the More menu, as shown below.

Click SalesForce Email2Case to open SalesForce.


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