Email gets a lot of shade 🏖, but you can’t live without it

Hi Zimbra Customers, Partners & Friends,

While you were reading that greeting, over 3 MILLION emails were sent. Over 2 BILLION emails are sent every day. It’s mind boggling.

Email’s the most used form of communication. You also need it for …

  • Work – almost impossible to get a job without it
  • School – teachers, students and parents use it
  • Banking – can’t open an online account without it
  • Shopping – can’t buy online without it
  • Healthcare – almost every provider requires it
  • Entertainment – can’t buy a ticket online without it
  • Staying in touch – every social platform and chat app require it

Did you get a Birthday Bingo? Post some Social Shenanigans? Remember to use @Zimbra and #HBDemail in your social posts.

Party on!
Your Zimbra Team

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