A message to global Zimbra Channel Partners from Synacor CEO Himesh Bhise

To Our Valued Partners:

On behalf of all of us at Synacor, I was proud to recently announce the launch of Zimbra CloudTM — our collaboration suite for small business, available at nearly half the price of comparable editions from other vendors. It is currently available in the U.S. and Canada through our Gold Partner XMission. While it’s not available for purchase in other regions, please explore the free trial at ZimbraCloud.com, and send us your feedback (the feedback prompt is built right into the product).

This launch is the culmination of our years-long product investment in transforming Zimbra along three key dimensions – Cloud, Collaboration and Cost:
Rearchitecting the platform to be cloud-native, highly available, and easily upgradable
Seamlessly combining multiple collaboration modalities within a familiar email workspace, and
Reinforcing Zimbra’s total cost of ownership advantage on public and private clouds

While we were still on our product development journey, we made available to customers certain elements of the emerging Zimbra Cloud platform. A consumer version was made available to Synacor-hosted service providers in the U.S. in Q1 2019. We added the new user-interface into our software stack and made that available to channel partners in Q1 2020. Today, with Zimbra CloudTM and the upgraded Zimbra 9, we have a suite of Zimbra products that derive from the same platform, that are specifically targeted at distinct customer segments, and are fully aligned with our channel-based go-to-market model.

Our goal is to drive additional opportunities to our Channel Partners – adding a new SKU, reaching new customers, and driving upsell revenues; whether that be on a Public Cloud, Private BSP Cloud, or on the Enterprise premises.

Zimbra Cloud

Zimbra Cloud is the best choice for customers who want a light-touch product that gives them Zimbra email as part of a collaboration suite. These are typically small businesses and service providers.

• Videoconferencing, file sharing, cloud storage, chat, calendar, etc., are built into the product. Customers can also toggle among popular apps like Zoom, Slack, Dropbox, WebEx, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc., that they may already be using.

• It is a closed SaaS SKU, with limited customization and support.

• It will be offered as an in-region service (hosted by Synacor on OCI), differentiating it from the in-country approach of our BSP partners.

• It is initially offered through a select Zimbra partner (who can aggregate additional resellers) in a targeted region. Over time we hope to make it available through our price-book to partners more broadly.

Zimbra 9

Zimbra 9 is the best choice for customers where customizations, support and data sovereignty are important, but who may also want additional collaboration features. These are typically larger businesses, regulated industry, and government organizations.

• Zimbra 9 allows for on-premises, cloud or hybrid deployments.

• It offers optionality between the Classic feature-rich Zimbra UI and the Modern streamlined UI of Zimbra Cloud that enables business collaboration. Users can toggle between these interfaces, but an admin can always set a default for the organization.

• It provides more exibility for partners to customize the software, integrate customer-speci ed products, and offer deeper support services

Below is an exhibit note that illustrates our go-to-market approach targeted at distinct customer segments.

We remain steadfast in our support of our worldwide Channel Partner community. You have been the heart of our business. Your success is our success. We very much value your commitment and your belief in Zimbra.

Please reach out to your local Zimbra representative at any time to discuss Zimbra 9 and Zimbra Cloud in more detail. As you learn more about these products, I hope that you will be as proud as we are, and as excited as we are about the additional opportunities the Zimbra family of products will bring all of us.







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