Zimbra SkillZ: Zimbra 9’s New Zimlet Framework (1 of 3)

Zimbra 9 introduced the new Zimlet Framework. This 3-part series from Barry de Graaff, Channel Evangelist at Synacor, will get you started developing your own Zimlets.

What is a Zimlet?

Zimlets are used to:

  • Integrate Zimbra Collaboration with third-party information systems and content.
  • Extend the functionality of the Zimbra user interface (UI).

For example, you can create Zimlets to:

  • Add a tab or menu option to the Zimbra UI
  • Mouse over a flight number in an email to see if the flight is on time

In this series, Barry provides …

  • Part 1: A demonstration video of creating the mytest Extension (backend) and the mytest Zimlet (frontend)
  • Part 2: A Development Guide for Extending Zimbra’s Backend Functionality with Zimlets – Walk through the steps to create the mytest Extension to:
    • Make a single HTTP request that contains JSON and binary files
    • Read the request
    • Parse the JSON
    • Add additional JSON elements containing the (binary) files from the request. The server response is then displayed on the page and if any images where submitted, those are displayed as well.
  • Part 3: A Development Guide for Extending Zimbra 9’s Frontend UI with Zimlets – Walk through the steps to create the mytest Zimlet to:
    • Create a new tab in the UI
    • Create a More menu item
    • Show a modal dialog
    • Show a toaster notification
    • Redirect users by clicking a link

Barry’s 18-minute demo walks you through creating the mytest Extension (backend Zimlet) and the mytest Zimlet (frontend).




We look forward to your feedback and Zimlet contributions,

Your Zimbra Team

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