What a year – Part 2! Top Content & Collateral Review for 2017

Last week we shared Zimbra’s top Tech Center articles, blog posts, youtube videos and Zimlets from 2017.

This week, we celebrate Zimbra’s top downloaded .pdf resources, Success Stories, whitepapers and Zimbra Around the World events! Many thanks to all of you … our partners, customers and employees … for your contributions and support in 2017! Grab a comfortable place to sit and something to sip while you enjoy this look back on 2017.

Straight from www.zimbra.com, these are the resources you found most useful in 2017:

  1. Zimbra 8.7 System Requirements
  2. Zimbra Desktop Installation and Setup Guide
  3. Zimbra Network Edition Administrators Guide
  4. Zimbra Connector for Microsoft Outlook Administrators Guide
  5. Migrating to Zimbra Collaboration Server 8.7 from Microsoft Exchange

The Resource Center on www.zimbra.com has over 30 Success Stories, most of which are in multiple languages. Here are the top 3 from 2017:

  1. Conseil departemental of Seine Saint Denis (93) Answers Technical Development Needs with Zimbra in French and in English

  2. ¡HOLA! Publishing Exceeds Global Collaboration Needs with Zimbra in Spanish and in English

  3. Escorts Limited Migrates from Microsoft Exchange to Zimbra

Our list of whitepapers is growing! Here are the top 2 of 2017:

  1. Best Practices for Personal Email Security: 14-Step Checklist
  2. Email’s Open Source Renaissance – It’s Time to Expect More

8th Annual Zimbra Forum France: In the heart of Paris, this afternoon was filled with presentations and information from our sponsors and technological partners.Watch the 4-minute recap video here.

  1. Zimbra APXJ Partner Summit: This year, the Zimbra APxJ Partner Summit was in Anantara Siam, Bangkok, Thailand. The one and half day event was packed with presentations and sharing sessions, with over 100 attendees from across the APxJ region. Here is a fabulous, 3-minute recap video.
  2. Americas Partners Day “virtual” Event: This was our first virtual Partners Day, and it was a huge success. Watch the Business Presentation & Demo or the Technical Presentation & Demo.
  3. Zimbra COMMIT: We have celebrated 3 COMMIT events in 2017, starting in New York City, then moving to San Francisco and finally in Japan!
  4. Red Hat Summit in Boston: Booth 122 was jumping with activity and expertise. Our Zimbra team was joined by Zextras and L. Mark Stone from Reliable Networks. 

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