Opening a Zimbra Support Case: Best Practices

If you need to open a Zimbra Support Case, follow these Best Practices for the fastest results.

Key Steps to open a Zimbra Support Case:
1. Contact Support correctly
2. Present technical issues clearly
3. Assess the severity level correctly
4. Collect the right data
5. Submit technical data
6. Know what to expect from Support

Contact Support Correctly

phone-callTo open a support case, use one of these contact methods:

  • Support Portal:
  • Email*:
  • Call Toll-free Support Line: 877-492-9484

*If email references an existing “case 00012345” it will add to that case instead of creating a new one.
zimbra support portal login
Note that these methods do not open a support case:

  • Social media post directed at Zimbra
  • Call, email, IM, etc. to an individual at Zimbra


Present Technical Issues Clearly

settings-2For best results, remember these guidelines when reporting the issue:

    • Be precise and informative about the issue
    • Describe the symptoms and chronology of events
    • Use a meaningful, specific email subject
        Good Example: “mailboxd crashes every day at 4am”


      Bad Example: “URGENT! HELP IT DOESN’T WORK”

Assess the Severity Level Correctly

writingSpecify the correct severity level, based on this list:

  • Severity-1*: Production server or other mission critical system is down and no workaround is immediately avaiable
  • Severity-2: Major functionality is severely impaired
  • Severity-3: Partial, non-critical loss of functionality
  • Severity-4**: General usage questions, cosmetic issues, documentation errors

* Use the Support Portal to open Severity-1 cases
** All cases opened via email are classified as Severity-4

Collect the Right Data

line-chartThe more information you provide, the better Support can address your issue.

  • Provide detailed steps to reproduce the issue
  • Provide screen snapshots of client issues/error messages
  • Include relevant logs, core files, message data, etc.
  • Run zmdiaglog to collect:
    • System information
    • Configuration information
    • System state data

Submit Technical Data

emailThere are several ways you can give your information to Support:

  • Upload to
  • Attach files in the Support Portal (up to 10mb)
  • Send attachments in email
  • Make available for download online

Know What to Expect from Support

customer-serviceKnow your company’s Support level, so you know what SLA time to expect. Also keep in mind:

  • Severity-1 cases should receive a call within the SLA time
  • Support should make initial contact within the SLA time
  • Subsequent contact on existing non severity-1 cases should occur within 24-72 hours of any customer reply
  • Request escalation if needed

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