Did You Know: Undo Send Zimlet

Welcome to Part 6 of Our Zimlet Showcase: Undo Send Zimlet

For background information on Zimlets, refer to this post: Did You Know: Zimlets!
For more information on Zimlets, visit zimbra.org.

This is an incredibly helpful Zimlet.

It happens to everyone. Occasionally, you click “Send”, then think, “Oh no! I forgot to add …” or “I wish I could take that back because …” or “I didn’t finish that email!”

Zimbra’s Gold Partner ilger.com has created a Zimlet that can rescue us from these moments: the Undo Send Zimlet.

After you install and configure this Zimlet, when you click “Send”, you will see a count-down pop up window with an “Undo” button. The pop up below is in Italian, but you get the idea.


You configure the duration of the count-down, so it can be as little as a few seconds up to hours.

Click here for more information on the Undo Send Zimlet.

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