Did You Know? Zimbra Shared Mailbox Toolkit (beta)

Welcome to Part 1 of Our Zimlet Showcase: The Zimbra Shared Mailbox Toolkit

In this Did You Know post, I will introduce and describe the Zimbra Shared Mailbox Toolkit Zimlet.

For background information on Zimlets, refer to this post: Did You Know: Zimlets!
For more information on Zimlets, visit zimbra.org.

The Zimbra Shared Mailbox Toolkit Zimlet was created by Barry de Graff, a longtime Zimbra open source contributor, and the zetalliance.

Do you have generic mailboxes for your sales department, helpdesk or info@yourcompany.com? You can use the Zimbra Shared Mailbox Toolkit to share those mailboxes with your staff.

Note: This Zimlet is designed for Zimbra version 8.7 and above.

Barry created these screen snapshots to help describe the functionality of the Zimlet.

On the left, you see that without the Toolkit installed, clicking “sales@myzimbra.com” always displays “No results found”. With the Toolkit installed, clicking “sales@myzimbra.com” opens the shared inbox, auto expanded to the correct folder, which is shown on the left.

You will see results in the From menu when you are sending messages, too. On the left, you can see that there are duplicate entries for “sales@myzimbra.com”. With the Toolkit installed, there are no duplicates, as shown on the right.

With the Toolkit Zimlet, an additional header is added to the email to identify the user sending email from a shared mailbox. For example, it can help to find out which sales person sent the mail from sales@myzimbra.com.

This demo shows how easy it is to install the Zimbra Shared Mailbox Toolkit.

For more information about installing the Toolkit, the CLI commands used with the Toolkit and license information, visit zimbra.org.

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