CyberWeek Savings on Zimbra 8 – Save Now, Save Later

Ah, CyberWeek – the week after Thanksgiving, when office workers everywhere hide online shopping sites behind spreadsheets when someone walks by their desk.

Good news: this year you can put those online shopping skills to work for your business.  VMware is offering a CyberWeek promotion on Zimbra 8 – the latest version of the Zimbra Collaboration Server.

It’s the real deal

On Wednesday, November 28th to Friday, November 30th you can save 30% on up to 500 mailboxes of VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server Standard Edition.  This is the full, enterprise-grade email and collaboration server.

The promotion applies to the latest version, Zimbra 8. It’s got everything you need, including:

  • A ‘smart’ mailbox for mobile and remote users
  • Enterprise Calendaring with scheduling suggestions for room and time
  • Integration with unified communications platforms for voicemail, IM and web conferencing
  • Security features like email encryption
  • Simplified administration with integrated high-availability, backup and disaster recovery

Read more about the features of Zimbra 8 in this earlier blog post.

Get up and running quickly with the VMware Zimbra software appliance

Zimbra 8 also offers a software virtual appliance for fast, simplified deployment and setup, management and operations. No need to install and maintain the operating system, middleware, antivirus, anti-spam software or Zimbra.  The appliance is a preconfigured and optimized software stack with security controls and a single lifecycle management policy that enables anyone to easily deliver Zimbra-as-a-service in a private or public cloud.

The savings keep on coming

The 30% discount is a nice start, but the real savings accrue over time. Zimbra has one of the lowest total costs of ownership (TCO) of any email server. (See Reduce your Email TCO.)

This is just one of several deals that VMware will be offering during CyberWeek – for more information, visit here.

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