November Webinar: VMware Zimbra Saves SMBs Money and Time

Join us on Wednesday, November 28th to learn how Zimbra can save your SMB money, time and resources. With live Q&A and a product demo of Zimbra 8 we will go over how Zimbra compares to other solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Based on experience helping tens of thousands of SMBs over the years, we’ll discuss the unique challenges that SMBs face when they’re selecting an email and collaboration and how Zimbra is built to address the needs of these organizations.

During this live webinar you will learn how Zimbra:

  • Delivers total cost of ownership savings
  • Offers flexible deployment options ensuring security and scalability
  • Reduces IT administration and platform maintenance time

Register today and join us on:
Wednesday, November 28th 7AM PST
Wednesday, November 28th 10AM PST

Zimbra is a world class solution that has already helped businesses and organizations of all sizes achieve their strategic business objectives. That is why we are excited to host you and your colleagues as Jing To, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, and Charles Windom, Solutions Architect, show you exactly how Zimbra will change your SMB for the better.

See how Zimbra has already helped the City of Venture…

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