Zimbra for Your Firefox Sidebar

A few days back, I saw this tip about how to add a certain web-based e-mail’s calendar to your Firefox side bar. I thought to myself, “I know we can do that, but what else can it do?”

The advantage is that users don’t need to have multiple tabs open, and can access their calendar at a glance. I didn’t make this a PowerTip is because this involves Zimbra versions Beta3 and higher. So if you’re running 4.5, you should be able to do this once you upgrade.

If you want to try this out without having to install the 5.0 Beta, this works great with the Hosted Demo.

Getting it Set Up

1) Login to the Mobile Webmail client. On the Hosted Demo, you should be able to just select the Mobile Client on login. If you have Zimbra RC1 installed, then just append ?client=mobile to your url. Once you’re in, you should see something like this:

2) Bookmark it.

3) Once bookmarked, organize your bookmarks.

4) In this area, we will need to tell Firefox to load this bookmark in the sidebar. Right click on the bookmark entry, and choose preferences. Then check “Load this Bookmark in the sidebar.

Now, what area of the Mobile Web Client you bookmark makes all the difference. If you bookmark the “Home” area, then when you choose a link, subsequent links will load in the main window. But, if you bookmark things like your calendar day view, subsequent links will then load in the sidebar. Only the “Home” area forces a load in the main window area.

Cool, eh?
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