Webinar: Unicon Higher-Ed Round 2

We invite you to join our webinar tomorrow(Oct 16), “Unicon Higher-Ed Round 2”. As someone who worked in Education for six years as an IT Director, I know that costs vs features are typically the first thing educational institutions look at. So how can Zimbra help you?

Maintaining an email and calendar system for all your constituents (faculty, staff, students, and alumni) has never been more challenging. Each has unique requirements (different platforms, mobility, integrated collaboration, archiving, better anti-spam); meanwhile the rise of outsourcing has increased pressure to deploy robust integrated solutions.

Fortunately next-generation messaging and collaboration solutions are now available that provide administrators options to deliver the necessary innovation and flexibility without a heavy price tag, and reduce management tasks rather than adding to the complexity.

In this session you will hear a feature and benefit comparison between two leading solutions for higher education: Zimbra Collaboration Suite and Google Apps. A case study will be provided in addition to a checklist of key requirements for campus-wide solutions that will help you with your decision making process.

Sign up soon, as this webinar is almost full!


As always, if you miss the webinar or have questions, drop by the Zimbra forums.

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