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In Zimbra Collaboration Suite 5.0, we’ve introduced a more streamlined way to access the different flavors of the Zimbra Web Client. More specifically, we’ve done a lot of work on our Standard Client, formally the “Lite-Client”.

New Login Screen
The first thing you will notice on the Web Client login screen is there are three options (Default, Advanced, and Standard) to choose for the session.  Note- with all of the new features rolling out in HTML mode we decided to change the name from “Lite Client” to “Standard Client”.  We believe this name more accurately represents the functionality of the HTML client mode.
If the user chooses “Default” then the system will automatically login using the option that is selected in the “Login Options”. This option can be found & toggled in the user’s Preferences after you have signed in to the Web Client.
New Login Options

Autocomplete in Standard Client
We’ve added the much requested auto complete to the Standard Client. The client can auto complete from your Address Book, or from the Global Address Book (GAL).
The most requested feature that we’ve added to the Standard Client is Calendaring. You get all of the features of the Advanced (AJAX) client such as calendar sharing, appointment scheduling, and day, week, and month views.

You can see more screenshots and read more by reading Kevin’s Blog post here.

Standard Client Calendar

We also decided that having the keyboard shortcuts in the Standard Client is very important. You can view the many
combinations in the User Options.

In order to use the higher-level functions of the Standard Client (such as the features listed above), you need to have javascript turned on. If you have javascript turned off, the features won’t work.The autocomplete and keyboard navigation for the standard client are powered by the Yahoo! User Interface Library. It’s cool, and if you’re a developer, check it out.

We’re very excited about Zimbra Collaboration Suite 5.0. We’ll be posting more about some of the new features as we get closer to the release date. In the mean time you can test Beta 2 of the Open Source Edition on Sourceforge.   Please make sure to send us any questions or comments to feedback@zimbra.com or in the Zimbra Forums.

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