Zimbra Briefcase

I don’t think it’s any secret that people like the ability to get their e-mail from anywhere, and they find it equally important to get their files anywhere as well.

I work on about 3 different computers, and before Zimbra Documents launched, when I needed a file I would email it to myself (I keep losing my thumb drives). When I wanted the file again I would look in my saved search folder (that finds any email with attachments) or I’d use the Zimbra Web Client’s visual search tool to find it directly.

When Zimbra Documents came out, I started to attach files into documents, and that served me very well, especially because I now had some version control. Over time I was surprised to find that I was not alone. Many people are using Documents for personal file management in addition to document collaboration- until now.

After all, would you use copy and paste all of your home photos into a giant MS Word document? Nope.

Enter Zimbra Briefcase in ZCS 5.0. A user uploads pretty much any file they want (Class of Service Permitting), and they can get the file anywhere they can get their e-mail.

We’ve attached some screen shots, and welcome your feedback! Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

The Zimbra Briefcase appears as a tab at the top of the Zimbra Web Client.

Once clicked, a list of the user’s uploaded files will appear. To the right, you see the detailed view.

Lots of users prefer the "Explorer" feel, so you can toggle between the "Explorer" and the "Detailed" views.

The upload dialog is the same dialog we use for the documents feature. A user can also upload many files at once.

We’ve also added the ability to right click on files (in the detailed view, and Explorer view). Here a user can send a file in a message, open, view it as HTML (when available), tag, move, or delete it.

In ZCS 5.0, we’re introducing shared folders. This functionality extends to the Zimbra briefcase.

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