A Newer Conversation View

How many times have you engaged in a conversation over e-mail? Typically, these conversations result in several e-mails that push everything else in your inbox downward. Thats where our Conversation View came into play. In Zimbra 5.0, we’re changing it a bit.

In our very first beta, we introduced the conversation view. The conversation view groups together e-mails by subject that spans folders, so when new communications come in, they are automatically correlated to relevant content.

Let’s take a look at how things are now (click on the image for full size):

Currently, the conversation view reveals each conversation in a singular line. The reading pane is unavailable, and the number of messages in the conversation is indicated by a "(#)".

To open a conversation, the user had to double click on the conversation line. This would open a new view with all messages of the conversation, and the user would have the reading pane. To exit the conversation, the user had to click the "Close" button in the upper right corner.

Now lets look at the new Conversation View in Zimbra 5.0:

The new conversation view features an expandable/collapsible box next to each conversation. By clicking on the box, the conversation is then displayed in the same window, only indented.

The user can select the message to view the message, it will appear in the reading pane below.

This allows a more streamlined, and productive user experience.

Some users don’t like to display the reading pane, so you can now turn it off (or on) for the Conversation view and List View.

What do you think? Any ideas or suggestions? Give us some feedback@zimbra.com or join the discussion at the Zimbra Forums.

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