Calendar Candy

The calendar team has been heads down since the last release and the results are pretty sweet. Here are some screen shots and a taste of what you’ll see when you grab the next release.

Click on each thumbnail to see a full size image.

Week View

In week view you see 6 calendars. First (Orange) is the user’s personal calendar. The next two Holidays (Green) and Penguins (Red) are remote ICS files. Apple iCal users are familiar with this concept, iCalShare is one of many sites available to search for remote webcals of your favorite events. The final three calendars Dave, Roland, and Tim, are calendars of users who have shared their Zimbra calendar with me. Using the checkboxes in the overview panel you can decide which calendars to view at any one time.

Share Dialog

The share dialog is how you delegate or allow access to your calendars. You can delegate read-only (viewer) or write (manager) access. You can choose to send the recipient a standard message or a custom message.

Schedule View

Schedule view is my personal favorite. This view gives you a side by side view of each calendar you have access to. You’ll see our “Thermometer” on the left hand side that goes from light to dark red to indicate the least busy to most busy time. So creating meetings is a breeze since the free/busy and *best* time slots are easy to spot.

New Appointment Editor

The appointment editor has received a major face lift. You’ll see the new spell check button. It is now available here and in the mail composer. Recurrences that can span years, and a revamped free/busy view (not shown, it’s in the other tab).

Quick Appointment Add

For those times you just want to make a new entry and don’t need a full appointment editor… quick add to the rescue. Just right-click on a date in a message and you get this dialog. Fastest way to enter a new calendar event. Oh if you look closely you’ll see the ‘RSS Feeds’ folder. When creating a folder you now can add your favorite RSS/ATOM feeds. Each entry is a regular mail item that is indexed and searchable just like the rest of your mail. Want to save an entry? Just drag it to another folder.

These screen shots are not mockups. We just grabbed them from one of our developer’s live server.

After reading this entry, the question on all your minds is:

Q: When is your next release?

A: It will be out soon. Just to be a little more specific… it’ll be after trick-o-treat day but before turkey day. If you like what you see join our forums and you’ll be one of the first to know when the next release is out.

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