Drag and Drop Zimlet: Uses HTML5 to help you easily attach files to your emails

By | September 17, 2010
How often do you spend extra time searching for the document that you want to attach to an email, or even worse you forget to attach the document before you hit send? The Drag and Drop Zimlet saves you time and makes it really easy. All you do is drag the files that you want to upload directly from the desktop to the Mail composer and drop them into your email. It’s that simple! Back in 2007 Zimbra released the first version of a Firefox 2.0 extension and an accompanying Zimlet to make the mundane task of uploading effortless. We just couldn't stop there, and contemplated multiple ways to bring this great feature to many clients. Browser Plus was considered, but deep down many of us were really more excited about HTML5's upcoming possibilities - especially its advantage of not requiring the user to install more add-ons.… Read more »

Zimbra Integrates with Smartsheet

By | August 31, 2010
Our friends at Smartsheet have just posted a new Zimlet application tab in the Gallery that looks very promising; we have a few uses in mind already for our team and internal Zimbra deployment.  Here is a summary they kindly provided: Manage Any Kind of Work with the Smartsheet Zimlet Add the Smartsheet tab to your Zimbra solution and manage your projects, sales pipelines and crowdsourcing solutions as easily as you manage your Calendar.  Smartsheet puts a familiar spreadsheet-like face on a flexible work automation engine. Integration Overview Smartsheet is integrated with the following Zimbra features: Calendar - view key project dates in your Zimbra calendar or key Zimbra calendar dates in your Smartsheet project calendar Contacts - import Zimbra contacts into Smartsheet for streamlined sharing with colleagues and other collaborators Briefcase - attach files from your Zimbra Briefcase to any row in Smartsheet Email - receive Smartsheet notifications and reminders via email The Smartsheet Zimlet is now available in the Zimbra Gallery.  Or watch the brief demo video below for more information.… Read more »

Zimlets Go Back to School – Part 4: Q&A with Simon Fraser University

By | July 26, 2010
In final installment of this series we recently had a chance to sit down with Frances Atkinson, the Director of Institutional & Academic Technologies, IT Services at Simon Fraser University, one of the over 500 educational organizations that have deployed the Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network Edition worldwide. Not too long ago, SFU decided to upgrade their collaboration system and investigated several options. No surprise, Zimbra won out! Now, two and a half years later, SFU is seeing how Zimbra is benefiting all of their campus systems. Highlights from our discussion with Frances are below: How are SFU’s staff, faculty, and students using Zimbra Collaboration Suite? Zimbra has become more than just an email and calendaring solution at Simon Fraser – it has evolved into the campus communications “hub” used by all faculty, staff and students. With Zimbra, calendaring and document sharing are available to everyone for the first time, and fewer users are forwarding to external sites like Gmail.… Read more »

Use the Sticky Notes Zimlet to make quick notes about an email

By | July 14, 2010
Lot of times you need to make a quick note about something in an email or a little reminder for yourself like "I need to confirm those dates" or "add John's phone number” or "attach the PPT" etc.  But there is no easy way to capture that thought instantly.  Sticky Notes Zimlet helps solve that problem by allowing you to attach a note to a particular email. The Sticky Notes Zimlet is really easy to use…all you do is make a quick note and attach it to your email. Once you attach your Sticky Note, it will automatically pop up the next time you re-open your email. How to create your own Sticky Notes: Simply select an email and click on the "StickyNotes" toolbar button or drag and drop your email onto the Zimlet to add your notes. StickyNotes in Contacts (v1.… Read more »

Appointment Summary Zimlet – Know what your Calendar looks like for the day

By | July 7, 2010
Every day, when you first login, this Zimlet scans your calendar and sends out a summary email about the current day’s events. This Zimlet helps both frequent and lite calendaring users in different ways: 1. For power-users, this is like having a personal assistant; who summarizes appointments for the day, providing a concrete idea as to how many meetings you have. 2. For general-users, the Zimlet helps in reminding you that there is a meeting to prepare for (in case you've forgotten) To make it easier to read, the appointments are sorted and divided along two simple categories:  Those that need your immediate attention (e.… Read more »

Easily schedule, start or join WebEx meetings with the WebEx Zimlet!

By | June 15, 2010
Have you ever found yourself scrambling to find a WebEx meeting invite minutes before the meeting is set to begin? Or if you are scheduling a meeting, you are constantly switching between WebEx and your calendar to create the meeting & calendar invite? Well, those days are gone with the new WebEx Zimlet. The WebEx Zimlet now brings the power of WebEx right into your Zimbra calendar. To see the WebEx Zimlet in action, checkout this video. Or to experience first hand, download the WebEx Zimlet at the Zimbra Gallery at http://gallery.… Read more »