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Zimbra on Intel Mac

Starting today developer builds of Zimbra OSS now come in 8 flavors. The newest addition is Mac Intel. I’m sure if you’re like us you’re looking for a way to test that shinny Intel Mac – well, running your own mail server is nice. Plus how cool would it be to have this guy sitting […]

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Zimbra Apple iSync Beta

The Zimbra iSync adaptor is now available for private beta for Network Edition customers and Network Trial participants. We’ve made it very simple for Mac user’s to sync their calendar and contact data with Zimbra. There are no additional software packages needed. Zimbra will sync naively with your Apple iCal and Apple Address Book. The […]

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Zimbra Hosting

Zimbra has announced our first set of hosting providers. These partners offer various services on top of hosting Zimbra. Links to each of these providers can be found here. ISP’s or HSP’s who would like to host Zimbra for their customers and be linked via our authorized provider pages should submit our partner interest form.

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