Free, On-demand Webinar: Zimbra Web Client for End Users

We are happy to announce that we have a new on-demand webinar, “Zimbra Web Client for End Users” . This 2-hour webinar covers all the basics of Zimbra, plus in-depth looks at preferences, sharing and filters. Watch this free, on-demand webinar by Gayle Billat, Services Training Manager at Zimbra. Also, you can see more resources and training in the links […]

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Logjam’s Impact on Zimbra Collaboration

Zimbra is aware of a newly disclosed SSL/TLS vulnerability that provides a potential malicious actor with a method to perform a Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attack — the vulnerability is referred to as Logjam. Similar to FREAK, this attack targets export-grade encryption, specifically Diffie-Hellman key exchanges. For more information on the attack and how this applies to […]

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Did You Know? Change Your Zimbra General Preferences

Did You Know? Change Your Zimbra General Preferences The Preferences > General page provides many ways for you to change and customize your Zimbra Web Client display. To access the page: Click the Preferences tab. Click the General option in the overview pane. Using the Appearance options, you can change the following in your Zimbra Web […]

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Get Help Upgrading Zimbra Collaboration

Need help upgrading Zimbra Collaboration 7.x to the latest release? Watch this free online training course and learn about: New features for IT such as rolling upgrades and auto provisioning User enhancements including new clients and accessibility support for mail How to upgrade Zimbra Collaboration using a rolling upgrade process Other upgrade methods including Rsync […]

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