What Makes Email Even Better? Zimlets!

Hi Zimbra Customers, Partners & Friends,

Have you ever heard of a Zimlet?

A Zimlet is a magical piece of code in Zimbra that makes Zimbra email, chat, video, calendar, etc. easier to use. Zimlets can also be used to integrate Zimbra with other third-party apps used by your organization like SalesForce. And of course Zimbra has built-in integrations with apps like Zoom, Slack, Dropbox and more … and these are all done via Zimlets.

Let’s take a look at some Zimlets that are embedded into your user experience. Here are some great examples.

If an email contains a date, a day, or a time, it will be displayed in blue text, as shown below.

You can mouse over these blue bits to see your appointments for that date.

And you can click these dates as a short cut to open your calendar to that date.

Other Zimlet examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Phone numbers: If shown in blue, you can right-click a phone number and dial the number from Skype or from a VoIP phone (if your organization supports this option).
  • Address: If shown in blue, you can right-click to open the address in Google maps.
  • Purchase Order Numbers, etc: If your organization has integrated with SalesForce or any number of other third-party information systems, important numbers such as purchase order numbers will be shown in blue. You can right-click such numbers to open the supporting system and view related information.
  • Flight numbers: You can right-click a flight number to see the status of the flight arrival time.

For more information about Zimlets, visit zimbra.org.

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One Response to What Makes Email Even Better? Zimlets!

  1. Mike November 24, 2021 at 7:25 PM #

    it would be helpful to have the phone numbers Zimlet working with version 8.x
    The Zimlet I could find seems very outdated and not suitable for the latest Zimbra version
    I am a happy user of Zimbra 8.8.15

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