Email’s No Snooze! 😴

Hi Zimbra Customers, Partners & Friends,

Do you think … “Boooring!” when thinking Email? Just because email’s 50 doesn’t mean it’s old! Think about

  • Return to office
  • Hybrid #WFH models = #WFX (work from anywhere)
  • #FutureOfWork 
  • Digital Transformation
  • Future of Collaboration

People who were working from home are easing into return to office, and most are using a hybrid WFH model with some days onsite and some #WFX. Email is the future of work (FoW) with integrated tools like chat, doc sharing and editing, video calls, cloud storage … the list goes on.

Interested in learning more about #WFX? Check this out #ImmortalEmail is having its moment to drive culture of #WFX #FutureOfCollaboration

Email isn’t just email anymore. Email’s all about productivity … it’s business critical with everything you need built in. 

  • Start a video call from a group email
  • Open a chat from email for a quick side conversation
  • Schedule a meeting that automatically invites everyone on the email chain
  • Collaborate real time to edit a document with your team
  • Upload and download files in cloud storage – your own and shared storage
  • Share files, calendars, inboxes, tasks lists

The great email apps also let you …

  • Use your other favorite apps like Slack, Zoom, Dropbox and more
  • Integrate with your most important apps like ERPs, CRMs and more

Are you having fun playing along with Email’s Birthday Bingo and Social Shenanigans? Remember @Zimbra and #HBDemail!

Long live email!
Your Zimbra Team

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