#ImmortalEmail is having its moment to drive culture of #WFX #FutureOfCollaboration

Hi Zimbra Customers, Partners & Friends,

Working from home was so 2020. Our choices were…limited. But now? We can work from anywhere. Ahem, we can #WFX.

#WFX means work from ANYWHERE

The coffee shop. The park (thanks 5G!). In the car waiting for daycare pickup. These are our new offices. And we don’t want to trade them back for cubicles and fluorescent lights. At least not full time, anyway.

PwC released a study earlier this year chockfull of info about employee versus employer attitudes on returning to work. The tl;dr is that it’s time to reimagine where and how work gets done.

On the where front, at least three days per week in the office seems to be the sweet spot from both the employer and employee perspective.

The how? Well, that’s where things get more complicated. Less than one in five execs say they want their #ReturnToOffice to be like it was pre-pandemic. However, the vast majority of employees report that the office is important for collaborating and building relationships.

In other words, there’s common ground to be found.

So…how will you take advantage of this fleeting moment to extend your office to the #WFX world? How will you manage generational preferences related to location?

Or tech?

Cultures are a hard thing to change but COVID has provided a once-in-a-century opportunity to hit the “do over” button.

According to a recent Forrester report, three quarters of the workforce will comprise Millennials and Gen Z workers in just ten years. And they’ve all got different tech preferences.

From the report:

“The key to success will be understanding the future needs of Gen Z and Millennials, while also ensuring that Gen X workers have the right technology to stay engaged.”

Nailing this is critical. Forrester’s employee experience (EX) research shows tech enables higher productivity, higher productivity leads to employee engagement and employee engagement drives business outcomes.

When it comes to software, younger workers still use core productivity tools, albeit infrequently.

So what about email?… #ImmortalEmail remains central to your software offerings. Email + Cloud puts a seemingly limitless number of productivity tools within reach wherever your employees call the office.

Real-time doc collaboration, messaging, shared storage, video chat – these are all the hallmarks of a modern office suite, and natural integrations with email.

But it’s not enough to just offer these tools, they need to be pushed and promoted to drive adoption.

Now is the perfect time.

As employers and employees settle into a new way of working, new cultures will be defined. Miss this moment to inject the right #FutureOfCollaboration tech into your workflows at this critical stage and it will be that much harder to try again down the line.

Yes, this has been a no-brainer for most mid and large-sized companies well into their #DigitalTransformation. But many small businesses have been slower to move on cloud adoption. This is understandable as they’re still coming up to speed on the overall benefits of cloud.

Time is an issue. Budgets are an issue.

We get it. So, how can we help?

Your Zimbra Team

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