Never accidentally send an email without an attachment again with the Attachment Alert Zimlet!

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How many times have you clicked Send on an email then thought, “Darn! I forgot to add the attachment!”? The Attachment Alert Zimlet warns you if you try to do it again! How? The Zimlet looks at the body of an email when you click Send. If it finds words like “attach”, “attachment” and “attached’, but there is no attachment, it pops up a reminder to upload the attachment. Cool!

For Non-Techies … To install the Attachment Alert Zimlet without developing the code, download a pre-built zip from the Github releases page and install it by running zmzimletctl deploy

For Techies … The Attachment Alert Zimlet listens for an event using zimletEventEmitter. Read on for the details …

Downloading and running the Attachment Alert Zimlet

Create a folder on your local computer to store the Attachment Alert Zimlet:

  mkdir ~/zimbra_course_pt16
  cd ~/zimbra_course_pt16
  git clone
  cd zimbra-zimlet-attachment-alert
  npm install
  zimlet watch

The output of this command should be:

   Compiled successfully!

   You can view the application in browser.

   Local:            https://localhost:8081/index.js
   On Your Network:

Visit https://localhost:8081/index.js in your browser and accept the self-signed certificate. The index.js is a packed version of the Attachment Alert Zimlet. More information about the zimlet command, npm and using SSL certificates is here

Note: Have you used Zimlet Cli before? Make sure to update it using sudo npm install -g @zimbra/zimlet-cli. You can check your version using zimlet --version. You need version 12.8.0 of Zimlet Cli for this Zimlet to work.

Sideload the Attachment Alert Zimlet

    1. Log on to your Zimbra development server and make sure you are seeing the modern UI.
    2. Click the jigsaw puzzle icon.
    3. Click Zimlets Sideloader. If you don’t see the Zimlet Sideloader menu, run apt/yum install zimbra-zimlet-sideloader on your Zimbra server and enable the Sideloader Zimlet in your Class of Service.

 Sideload the Attachment Alert Zimlet by clicking Load Zimlet. The Zimlet is now added to the Zimbra UI in real-time. No reload is necessary.

  1. Write a new email with something like Please see attached document for more information.  Don’tt attach a file, and click Send. You will see the new Attachment Alert Zimlet in action!

 The Attachment Alert

Click for more information about …

  • zimletEventEmitter events
  • Visual Studio Code for the Attachment Alert Zimlet … helps you learn from the Zimlet
  • The src/components/more/index.js file for the Zimlet with in-code comments that explain how it works
  • Internationalization for the Zimlet – Supported languages are: Catalan, Czech, Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil) and Vietnamese.


Your Zimbra Team

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