Introducing Zimbra Cloud with XMission

Today’s post is a re-post from Zimbra Gold Partner XMission.

XMission is pleased to announce the addition of Synacor’s new Zimbra Cloud to our email and collaboration product line.

This high availability platform offers the latest in collaboration tools with a sleek new webmail experience. The power of responsive design means users can move seamlessly between desktop, mobile, and tablet browsers with a consistent look and feel. Zimbra Cloud lets you launch your favorite applications right from webmail. Supported integrations incluZimbra Cloud Integration Partner Logosde Slack, Zoom, Webex, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Drive, and Jitsi with many more on the way! Watch for an upcoming release of the new Zimbra Cloud iOS and Android mobile apps for support teams on the go.

Sign up for Zimbra Cloud with our 30/30/$30 Promotion

Try Zimbra Cloud today and receive a 30-day free trial and 30GB of quota per mailbox for just $30 per year per mailbox on a one-year agreement, all risk-free. To enhance your cloud email experience, your account includes free DNS management tools through XMission’s control panel.

Shy on one year pre-pay plans? Month-to-month is available for $3 per mailbox monthly.

Quota your way

Add 5GB for $.50 per month, 10GB for $1, 25GB for $2.50, and 100GB for $7.50. There is no limit to how much quota you can add.

Zimbra Cloud On-boarding is easy

The new migration tool is so easy to use and provides powerful dedicated resources to migrate your mailbox from all major platforms including Gmail, M365, or even your current on-site Zimbra mail server.  Your mailbox users can literally migrate their own email in just minutes. Zimbra Cloud makes administration painless.

Zimbra Cloud can be purchased as a standalone or with a support package. If you choose standalone you can find answers to common questions on the Zimbra Cloud Email Help page.

Upgrade to human support

Zimbra Support TechXMission’s domestic support team has your back! Our 24/7 Zimbra Cloud support packages start at just $20 per month. This package includes seven mailboxes and each additional mailbox is only $3 per month. That means your users can contact our team any time of the day or night to get help.

Purchasing Zimbra Cloud through XMission does not require you to buy support plans, so feel free to add one at any time.


Zimbra Cloud is hosted by Synacor, the owner of Zimbra, and hosted in Oracle’s new cloud platform. Backed by 99.9% uptime, you can rest assured Zimbra Cloud is email you can rely on.

Zimbra Cloud Integration Videos

Zimbra Cloud Overview Demo

Slack & Dropbox

Google Drive

Buy now

If you already have email through XMission, simply email us or call our sales team to add Zimbra Cloud. New customers can sign up online.


Your Zimbra Team

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