Zimbra COMMIT Recap

Experts converged in NYC for the first Zimbra COMMIT – celebrating the latest tech, consumer trends and launch of the Zimbra Open Source Project.

Zimbra COMMIT 2017

Zimbra Partner in-tuition provides an excellent recap of COMMIT here.

Zimbra COMMIT addressed the shifting consumer behaviors, attitudes and habits around email and how Zimbra is delivering accelerated innovation – in collaboration with our Open Source community – that addresses emerging trends and changing consumer requirements.

Zimbra COMMIT presenters included:

  • Sara Radicati, PhD – President & CEO of The Radicati Group
  • Paul Ford – Co-Founder PostLight
  • Erynn Petersen – Vice President, Email and Collaboration Products at Synacor
  • Jorge De La Cruz – Product Marketing Manager at Synacor
  • Michael Medellin – Product Manager at Synacor

Zimbra COMMIT Panel

We look forward to seeing you at the next Zimbra COMMIT!

One Response to Zimbra COMMIT Recap

  1. Frederick Gralenski April 13, 2017 at 10:20 PM #

    As I understand it, you went from google to Zimbra. My convenience deteriorated immensely. Deletions are more difficult, spam is more prevalent and more difficult to assign, and attaching photos to emails takes a tremendous amount of time. Please return me to the old system or fix this one