First Road Show in Sardegna with in collaboration with Athena srl

The first week of May Zimbra attended to the first event in Sardegna with our Gold partner in collaboration with Athena srl

The first event was hosted in Cagliari, Athena srl presented its company to the attendees, and Zimbra presented itself as well to the audience, introduced for the first time in Italy Zimbra Talk and Kaspersky gave a presentation as well about their security products.

The audience was mainly from Government entities interested in Open Source and looking for the right solution for their needs.

Most of the big Government entities in Sardinia attended the event in Cagliari and they showed a very strong interest in Zimbra Collaboration and in Zimbra Talk.

It was a great occasion to meet directly with some of Zimbra customers in Sardegna and some prospects too, discussing about Zimbra and how Zimbra can match their needs.

The day after we had another successful event in Sassari, where Athena has its headquarters, and where the attendees showed an amazing interest in Zimbra, Athena was amazed by the questions and the interest about Zimbra, we had an outstanding 50-minute Question and Answer session

Zimbra Road Show in Sardegna by camera

If you missed the opportunity to attend to the event, you can enjoy now our Photo gallery with all the Zimbra Road Show in Sardegna 2016 pictures.


A big thank goes to and Athena srl for the organization, and to regione Sardegna for such a warm welcome and interest in Zimbra.

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