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Hello everyone, we are delighted to present our new Forums, please allow us to show you some of the highlights combined with some Tips and Tricks for this We’ve decided as well to move the Forums under the .org umbrella, where we will add much more content and exciting news coming soon.


  • Zimbra re-branded super fast and lightweight template
  • Recent Topics per user (Depending of the Groups you can see, you will see some or others latest topics
  • 100% width and responsive, the Template looks great on Mobile, regular screen or large screen
  • Thread preview, because when you are in a hurry, you don’t want to waste clicks coming inside the entire threads if you can view a quick preview of the last post


New Zimbra badges and Categories
We will have new badges, we can add more in the Future, some of the badges are static like our Zimbra Employee, or Zimbra Alumni, and others are based on users number of posts:

Hola, Ola, Hello, Privet,
Nothing like have the option to have the Forums translated, we include all the next languages per default:

Each thread can be shared really easily on Social Media

Custom User Fields
One of the Custom user fields more interesting is the one to add the ZCS Version, so then will appear on each answer and the rest of the people can see it quicker

Console logs, better than ever
We know that the best way to paste Logs are always in a pastebin way, but for those who like to copy/paste content on the Forums, now they can use the bbcode [code][/code] to have this beauty, and easy read, code output

Tapatalk support
We have Tapatalk up and running, so for those who uses already Tapatalk, the new will be 100% accessible from their mobiles using their favorite Mobile app.

We are looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you and welcome to the new Zimbra Forums

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