August Partner News

It has been a busy month for partner related press. We announced three, geographically diverse partner relationships. While all these partners serve customers who have different needs or demands, there is a common thread: the delivery of secure, flexible unified collaboration software. We are excited about these announcements, and the growing Zimbra partner ecosystem.

Scality & Zimbra Partner for Collaboration Storage

The Zimbra-Scality partnership brings secure, scalable and affordable cloud-based collaboration to service providers. The bundling of Zimbra Collaboration and Scality’s storage capabilities improves deployment times and provides a high performance solution — all while reducing operational overhead.

Telenet, the largest provider of Belgian broadband services, had this to say. “By the combination of their expertise, we are able to use a scalable method for high-capacity and long-term storage needs, and to manage our email platform in a cost-efficient way.”

NeoNova & Zimbra Partner for Rural America

NeoNova provides cloud-based services to rural America’s numerous businesses, telcos and ISPs. The partnership with Zimbra helps bring secure email to millions of consumers.

NeoNova is a subsidiary of the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC). NRTC serves 20 million homes, 50 million residents and 1,500 rural utilities and affiliates across 48 states.

NewLease & Zimbra Partner to Expand APAC Reach

NewLease is helping drive Zimbra further into the APAC region with the delivery of unified collaboration to regional service providers. The CEO of NewLease said, “With Zimbra, service providers have access to a vibrant open source community, and the world’s third-largest collaboration provider.”

NewLease has offices throughout Southeast Asia and sells subscription-based licensing programs for some of the largest software vendors.

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2 Responses to August Partner News

  1. Jorge de la Cruz August 20, 2014 at 10:06 AM #

    These are great and exciting news for every of us. I’m sure that these partnerships will do Zimbra better in the future.

    Keep growing!

  2. Dimas Putra Ramadhan August 24, 2014 at 8:47 AM #

    Great news. Zimbra will going up for tomorrow. congrats!

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