Zimbra Looking For Developer Community Manager

Been a while since we did a post for open positions but this is an important one so wanted to get it out there.

Position Overview:
Manage Zimbra’s rapidly growing technical community and launch our developer outreach program.  A key part of Zimbra’s rapid growth and ongoing success is the ability for us to engage and interact with our open source community.  This position will take the solid base we’ve grown over the past 5 yrs and define and implement a Zimbra developer program to lower the bar for external developers, partners and customers to build solutions around the Zimbra platform.  This will include expanding and leveraging the relationships between Zimbra, our customers, our developers and our sysadmin community members.  A few of the existing public tools and touch points are listed below. This position will build upon and improve the current tools and evaluate and add to these as needed.  The position will be responsible for developer events, training, documentation and ensuring that developers have all they need to make use of the rich APIs Zimbra offers.

– Our forum with over 27,000 members http://www.zimbra.com/forums/

– Our company/developer blog http://blog.zimbra.com/

– Our developer and admin wiki http://wiki.zimbra.com/

– Our public bug database http://bugzilla.zimbra.com/

– Our public community driven roadmap http://pm.zimbra.com/

– Our web mash-up extensions (zimlet) gallery http://gallery.zimbra.com/

You can apply directly on the job posting here:


If you have more questions of have someone in mind who you think would be a good fit please feel free to email me.

KevinH at Zimbra.com


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