Web 2.0 for the Enterprise – Webex Zimlet

Web 2.0 Expo is in full swing up in San Francisco. Satish will be speaking on a couple panels with enterprise and small business focus. While it’s true Zimbra for Service Providers and Zimbra for Education are popular with Zimbra Customers a large number of organizations using Zimbra today run Zimbra for Business. Sam created a Zimlet to make it easier for Zimbra users to use WebEx.

The WebEx Zimlet allows Zimbra users to quickly create new WebEx web conferences. Users can create a meeting manually, multi-select contacts from the address book and drag n drop them on to the Zimlet or drag and drop an existing Zimbra appointment to add a WebEx. In a hurry, don’t remember your WebEx login or password? The WebEx Zimlet will automatically launch WebEx in a new window and start the meeting if you are the host or join the meeting if you are a participant. You only need to enter your WebEx credentials one-time and the Zimlet will do the rest. A short 3min screen cast below will demo the main features in action.

Play WebEx Zimlet Screencast

Zimbra Webex Zimlet Screencast (4.3MB .mov Quicktime)

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