Zimbra: Not just a pretty face.

We’ve been reading what folks are saying about Zimbra. In the forums, news, blogs, and even Slashdot. The biggest mis-conception about Zimbra is that we’re just a flashy AJAX client for reading email. While that’s true that we’ve got a great AJAX client it’s not all that Zimbra has to offer.

Nat got it right on, as did Steve. Zimbra is about changing the way folks communicate and manage email. Administrators of today’s current messaging systems tire over backup/restore procedures that take hours or are forced to recover an entire set of users rather than just a single mailbox. End users fight the mass of incoming mail with complex filters and foldering schemes. Zimbra is different. Admins now have the freedom of hot backups which allow them to do point in time recovery of a single mailbox. End users are freed from the endless sorting and can simply search across the entire mailbox for what they are looking for, no matter where the message is.

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