4.5, admins, and backup/restore

By | February 21, 2007
ZCS 4.5 helps make admins' jobs easier -- a lot easier in some cases. This post discusses advanced search in the admin console, backup and restore in the admin console, backup performance improvements, and good policies for creating a recoverable system. Advanced Search for Users, Domains, Servers We've added an advanced search capability to the admin console. It includes a search builder similar to what has been available in the end user client. We had heard from many customers that they wanted to create complex searches, such as "show me all domains with xyz in them" or "show me all users on server 3" or "show me all users with last name xyz on server 5". You can construct all these searches and quite a few more now, and since the search uses LDAP indexes it's fast. This feature is AJAX helping admins.… Read more »

updating via REST (and a REST update)

By | May 8, 2006
Time for another REST update. We'll talk about updating content via REST urls, as well as a new formater. (more…)… Read more »

REST update

By | January 2, 2006
Just a little update the previous "All REST and no play" blog entry. It has been a while since the last blog post, so we thought it was time for an update to let people know what is in the next release, and what is still to come in a future release. (more…)… Read more »

All REST and no play…

By | November 9, 2005
One of the things we are working on for an upcoming release is REST interfaces into all our content. If you aren't familiar with REST I'd just suggest reading Building Web Services the REST Way. Today, within the Zimbra Collaboration Suite we have a number of different server-side URLs that our client accesses to download an attachment, export contacts as CSV, export a calendar as an ICS, file etc. We are also adding sharing (what would collaboration be without sharing, after all) of calendars, contacts, etc. Not only within a particular Zimbra community, but between Zimbra communities and the public at large. In order to facilitate this, we are coming up with a clean, consistent URL interface to all our resources. The best way to describe this is with some examples. (more…… Read more »