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Firefox 2 vs IE 7

Last week I posted an entry comparing IE 7 with Firefox 1.5 and the venerable IE 6. Lot’s of folks have since asked for Firefox 2 to be added to the mix. The reason we didn’t initially include Firefox 2 is because it was not at the time officially released and so we felt it […]

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IE 7 vs IE 6

Back in April I wrote an entry complaining about IE’s performance as a Web 2.0 platform: “From a Web 2.0 application developers perspective (developers who use a lot of JavaScript and DOM manipulation), IE 6 is plagued by a number of well known problems such as its ability to readily leak memory. Regrettably, Microsoft’s next […]

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Look Ma, No Mouse: Keyboard Navigation and Shortcuts in the Zimbra Collaboration Suite and The Kabuki Ajax Toolkit

Keyboard shortcuts and navigation are indispensable time savers for an application’s frequent and power users. Who among us has not quickly learned the keyboard shortcuts for performing common tasks within an application that we use regularly? Unfortunately, one of the more common complaints against web-based applications is that they are, in many instances, lacking when […]

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Web2.0 + AJAX: The Loosely-Coupled Web

The Web is a massive, globally accessible and ever growing information repository. Just about any information you can think of can be discovered and retrieved via the Web. Until recently much of this content has been accessible through web sites and web applications that tightly coupled application data, business logic (a.k.a. services), and presentation into […]

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Will there be a Web 2.0 browser war?

IE 6 is an inadequate platform for developing advanced Web 2.0 applications. I suspect that a number of hard core web application developers will nod their heads in agreement with this statement. From my experience, IE 6 is certainly more challenging to work with than some of its competitors, and it exhibits some very unpleasant […]

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