Things We 🧡 About Email – #HBDemail

Hi Zimbra Partners, Customers & Friends,

We are still celebrating the amazing 50th Birthday of Email. #HBDemail!

50 years is a mighty long time! It’s a long time to find things to 🧡  about email.

Here are 15 of our favorite things to 🧡  about email …

  1. It helps deliver 306 billion (yes, with a B!) messages all around the world, every day. 
  2. It’s saved like a gazillion trees over the years as we rely so much less on paper to communicate. 
  3. Email has been at the heart of so many tech innovations and new services. 
  4. Another email-powered innovation, BlackBerry, was our first taste of being unleashed from the office. 
  5. It’s so flexible, morphing constantly to meet the changing ways we communicate. 
  6. Email isn’t just about email anymore. Now it’s chat, video calls and collaboration in real time. 
  7. It’s INSTANT. No more waiting by the mailbox. 
  8. It’s so simple to use. 
  9. How many unnecessary or unwanted phone calls has it spared us from??
  10. You can deploy it anywhere … Cloud, On-Premises, a little bit of both? 
  11. It’s so darn cheap! The barrier to entry is FREE!
  12. Deleted an email by accident? Don’t worry, it’s safe in your trash. 
  13. It creates the perfect paper trail, diligently noting times, dates and so much more. 
  14. Email = Zimbra = the good stuff! We’d like to believe Zimbra has played a tiny part in bringing together communities and powering thousands and thousands of organizations.
  15. It helped keep countless businesses connected and afloat during the pandemic.

Thank you, Email, for everything! Cheers to 50+ more years!

What do you 🧡  about email? Please share in the comments.

Your Zimbra Team

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