Zimbra SkillZ: The Sticky Notes Zimlet is Back!

Zimbra SkillZ: The Sticky Notes Zimlet is Back!

Hello Zimbra Friends,

This week you get two Zimlet blog posts! Today’s post, brought to you by Synacor’s Channel Evangelist Barry de Graaff, shows you how to download, deploy (sideload) and use the Sticky Notes Zimlet so users can add Sticky Notes to Zimbra emails.

Some of you may remember the Sticky Notes Zimlet from way back, and now it’s been updated for Zimbra’s Modern UI!

If you aren’t familiar with Zimlets, start here https://github.com/Zimbra/zm-zimlet-guide.

This post has a lot of developer “tricks”. If you aren’t a developer and just want to install and try the Sticky Notes, run these commands as user `zimbra` on your Zimbra server:

wget https://github.com/Zimbra/zimbra-zimlet-sticky-notes/releases/download/0.0.5/zimbra-zimlet-sticky-notes.zip
zmzimletctl deploy zimbra-zimlet-sticky-notes.zip

Download the Sticky Notes Zimlet

Create a folder on your local computer to store the Sticky Notes Zimlet:

  mkdir ~/zimbra_course_pt3
  cd ~/zimbra_course_pt3
  git clone https://github.com/Zimbra/zimbra-zimlet-sticky-notes
  cd zimbra-zimlet-sticky-notes
  npm install
  zimlet watch

The output of this command should be:

Compiled successfully!

You can view the application in browser.

Local:            https://localhost:8081/index.js
On Your Network:

Visit https://localhost:8081/index.js in your browser and accept the self-signed certificate. The index.js is a packed version of the Sticky Notes Zimlet. More information about the zimlet command, npm and using SSL certificates can be found in https://github.com/Zimbra/zm-zimlet-guide.

Sideload the Sticky Notes Zimlet

Log on to your Zimbra development server and make sure that you are seeing the modern UI. Then append /sdk/zimlets to the URL.

 Sideload the Sticky Notes Zimlet by clicking Load Zimlet. The Zimlet is now added to the Zimbra UI in real-time. No reload is necessary.

Use the Sticky Notes Zimlet

 Click the Sticky Note icon that now shows up in the right top of the displayed email.

 Make a note, and click OK.

 The Sticky Note is now displayed when viewing the email, to edit the note, click it.

Visual Studio Code

Open the folder ~/zimbra_course_pt3/zimbra-zimlet-sticky-notes in Visual Studio code to take a look at the code in the Sticky Notes Zimlet. More information on this can be found at: https://github.com/Zimbra/zm-zimlet-guide.

Thanks & hope you are healthy,
Your Zimbra Team

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