Zimbra 8.8.7 is Now Available – Includes 30 Fixes

Greetings, Friends! In December 2017, Zimbra launched Zimbra Collaboration 8.8, introducing the NG Modules, a cutting-edge set of capabilities that add real-time backup and restore, the ability to move infrequently-accessed blobs to Amazon S3, an easier yet powerful Delegated Admin module and the long-awaited ability to sync shared Zimbra resources to all of your devices.

8.8.7 includes more than 30 fixes for addressing issues with security, server, web app, connectors and Zimbra Suite Plus, plus Norwegian and Catalan language support for ZCO (Zimbra Connector for Outlook). For a list of all fixes, please check the release notes here.

Quick note about our git repository and Open Source Code

Downloading and building Zimbra code? Please follow these steps to download and see our code:


  • Read the Release Notes for Zimbra Collaboration 8.8.7 here.
  • Download Zimbra Collaboration 8.8.7 here.
  • Forum about Installation and Upgrade here.


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