Zimbra Appliance Now Includes Embedded vFabric Hyperic Performance Monitoring Technology

As part of our continuing effort to simplify IT for administrators and end users, we have integrated VMware’s vFabric Hyperic application performance monitoring technology with Zimbra Appliance.

Now offered as part of Zimbra Appliance and requiring no additional set up, Hyperic gives Zimbra administrators the ability to more rapidly pinpoint, correct, and prevent application performance problems wherever they occur in the application infrastructure. As a result, administrators have up-to-the-minute insight into a comprehensive set of performance metrics related to availability, throughput and utilization that enables them to alert team members on a wide range of issues and to rapidly determine root cause.

Additional benefits for VMware vSphere customers who are running Zimbra Appliance include:

  • Rapid diagnosis of performance problems
  • Advanced alerting
  • Automated problem resolution

We will keep you posted as we continue in our mission to provide out-of-the box next generation collaboration solutions that simplify IT.

For more information on Zimbra Appliance and vFabric Hyperic, follow these links:



2 Responses to Zimbra Appliance Now Includes Embedded vFabric Hyperic Performance Monitoring Technology

  1. Michael White December 5, 2010 at 8:31 PM #

    Does this mean a person using the Zimbra Appliance can get access to a screen like the one above to help troubleshooting or manage of the Appliance? Or, does it mean you have added an agent to the appliance and if you happen to be an owner and user of Hyperic than you can more easily manage the appliance?



  2. ako February 27, 2012 at 9:17 AM #

    great my instances have been buggy, Just what I needed.

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