Just Put a Zimbra iPhone App in My Stocking

Though the Holidays are in full swing and the big day less than 48 hours away, some of us here at Zimbra are just getting started on the gift giving process.  So naturally we started today by checking out some of our favorite idea spots like UnCrate, Gizmodo and the Adult Swim Store.

Invariably, a visit to Apple was also in order for gadgets and Apps to use as stocking stuffers.  That last bit may sound odd, but as an example, there are no fewer than four iPhones/Touches circulating now in my family and we are not alone.  Not surprisingly, children will also choose a new App over anything we could bring home from the Dollar Store.  So, the iTouch goes back in the stocking with Flick Fishing this year – and voila a new tradition is born. :)

Happily, during the process we discovered a new App benefiting Zimbra users who are on the go.  It’s called the Aderium Companion for Zimbra (App Store URL) and it gives you access to Zimbra Tasks and Briefcase items on the iPhone or iTouch – as well as Wiki pages, a feature we haven’t built into our own mobile web client yet.  It’s quite handy for viewing shared documents and creating new tasks on the go.  It’s also more convenient than using the mobile browser; though it’s not free that’s a small price to pay if you like having email, contacts, calendars, tasks, wiki docs and files on your iPhone natively (i.e. Zimbra Mobile plus Aderium).

Just added to my iPhone and soon to be in my stocking…  Happy Holidays!


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