Zimbra Desktop Beta 4

Zimbra Desktop Beta 3 added a wealth of new features to our offline capable client, and Beta 4 expands upon it’s good taste.

Build 1338 introduces:

Global Address List access against a ZCS server (both proxy and sync).

Free-busy information proxy for ZCS users, to assist in finding that open timeslot on your colleague’s calendar.

Archiving: Users can now move items under “Local Folders” should they need to keep their server mailbox size under quota, or just wish to not sync certain items.

Resource & Location scheduling UI for Zimbra accounts.

Yahoo! Address Book integration: Another frequent request – you can enable contact sync under Setup > Account Settings.

Microsoft Live/Hotmail Plus: This one was not even on the book, but we decided to implement mail sync via the JDAVMail API and a custom setup wizard just for the kick of it.

In addition to secure cookie auth, we managed to implement complete SSL for all IMAP communication with Yahoo! accounts as well.

Various UI changes to support the new enhancements, and latest code to go along with the parallel ZCS 5.0.10 release.

Per your excellent feedback, calendar sync integration with several providers is coming soon. Enjoy this release!

If it’s not available to you via auto-update yet, you haven’t been building from source, or are even just discovering it for the first time, you can download the installer here for Linux, Windows, or Mac.

Have an idea for Zimbra Desktop or just want a tweak built upon these new components? We’re interested in hearing your thoughts on it below or over in the Community Forums.

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