5.0 Coolness (Part 2)

As we get closer to the Release Candidate 2 of Zimbra, it’s time for another taste of what’s to come.

A special thanks to all of those who have helped us test 5.0 so far. Some great feedback has been posted in our forums, and was sent to us from our hosted demo.

Some of these features may change between now, and when we release the final version.

When we release RC2, we’ll be taking the hosted demo down for a few hours for the upgrade. Then you can login and test all of these cool features yourself.

Messages that have a "X-Priority:" header are automatically now displayed in the Zimbra Webclient with the appropriate Priority.
Users can also explicitlly set a priority of a message in the Zimbra Webclient.
A long awaited feature is the ability to insert inline images into messages. Yep, we’ve added that too.
In the Standard Client, we’ve added a WYSWYG editor as well as insertion of inline images.
Back in the old days (3.1-ish), if the server was updated, users of the Zimbra Web Client didn’t always know the server was updated. Sometimes this caused problems. In 4.0-4.5, we tried very hard to make sure that upgrades didn’t break a user’s experience when running from a cache. In 5.0, the Zimbra Web Client now checks the server version, and when the client is out of date, it tells you, and loads the new files.

You can track the progress of 5.0 by logging on to http://pm.zimbra.com/

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