Zimbra + RHX = Innovative & Yet Simple Messaging!

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any simpler for organizations than downloading a pre-packaged messaging and collaboration solution like Zimbra, Red Hat’s RHX program finds a way. The Zimbra team is excited to participate in Red Hat’s RHX program. Zimbra’s open source community members have often asked if they could download & evaluate, procure and get support for both the Red Hat infrastructure and Zimbra’s rich Ajax-based messaging and collaboration solution – all online and from a single source. The RHX program fulfills the community’s wishes by providing a pre-integrated and Red Hat certified Zimbra solution for RHEL.

rhex-zimbra.jpgZimbra is among the charter members of RHX along with other open source market leaders like Alfresco, MySQL and SugarCRM.

According to a recent survey by Yankee Group, around 23% of current Exchange customers plan to switch to Linux for their messaging needs – a growing trend.

While this transition is fueled in part due to the flexibility and investment protection that robust and mature Linux infrastructure like RHEL offers, many customers have reported that the Zimbra solution also significantly reduces complexity of administration, while improving end-user productivity in their organizations.

Add to that, thanks to a rich roadmap of innovative capabilities like Zimbra Desktop, that offers web-based online and offline access to users’ information, and Instant Messaging, and a transparent product management process, organizations have a say in what constitutes a leading edge integrated messaging and communications solution of tomorrow.rhex-zimbra.jpg

The Zimbra solution comes pre-packaged with mature and proven open source components like Postfix, MySQL, OpenLDAP, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, Lucene, AMaViS, etc. Presently, over 70% of the thousands of commercial Zimbra deployments are on the Red Hat platform. With hundreds of thousands of customers, Red Hat’s RHX program is sure to add to Zimbra’s potential reach considerably.

Got questions? Visit the RHX webpage, post a commentor drop by Zimbra Forums and we’d be happy to help.

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