WEB2.0, Zimbra and more ….

Wanted to thank all you fine folks who spread the word about Zimbra – it totally pumped the team up – for that we are eternally grateful. A lot of people are asking about whether Zimbra will be hosted and if so, for whom? Zimbra will absolutely be hosted for businesses and, yes, Zimbra will be hosted for individual email. When? I hope real soon. Many people asked me how long it took to develop Zimbra – well it took almost 2 years of coding by some amazingly smart people – some of whom crossed lines from being server programmers to being UI programmers – a testament to the truly smart. I wish I could demo the server as easily as I can demo the client – all I can say is that we did an insane amount of innovation on the server side and specifically around storage management and availability. And as far as the AJAX magic on the client side – well – more about that in another post ….

And for those of you who saw the mobile flash demo with emails displayed in a conversation view and the search builder on a windows mobile phone today at the conference – that talks to our SOAP APIs over the air – this proves how easily new clients can be developed once the server APIs are architected well … same APIs are used for our Outlook connector as well ….and yes it syncs your calendar over the air ……anyone else care to write more clients – join our community and contribute.

Why the name? Well – that’s because Talking Heads happens to be among the top 5 bands ever….and so is the other band that was scheduled to play on Sept 30 at the Oakland Arena but didn’t …. 4 8 15 16 23 42

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