NEWS ALERT: France BANS Microsoft 365 (aka Office 365) for All Ministries

Hi Zimbra Customers, Partners & Friends,


France has BANNED Microsoft 365 (aka Office 365) for all Ministries due to privacy concerns.

France has now made a historic decision to ban its ministries from using Microsoft 365. The reason is simple and it has to do with the possible sharing of your data with the US government.

The French Government has Zimbra as an option in its catalogue of available services – ZimbraBox, by Zimbra Partner StarXpert (now Axess Group). ZimbraBox is based on Zimbra 9

Zimbra 9 is certainly the most complete collaborative messaging tool on the market.

Worried who might ban Microsoft next? Zimbra has you covered.

Stay tuned for more developments!
Your Zimbra Team

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