Apps we 🧡 and want to make even easier for you to use

Hi Zimbra Customers, Partners & Friends,

At Zimbra, if you’ve got collaboration needs, we’ve got you covered.

  • Video conferencing? Yup.
  • Messaging? Oh yeah.
  • Virtual doc editing, storage, group chat? You know it!
  • Business email? Always and forever.

We take quite a bit of pride in knowing we’ve created a powerful, robust office collaboration suite fit for any size organization and budget. It’s part of meeting the whenever, wherever and however needs of the modern workforce.

We know that the tools comprising our Zimbra suite can meet the communication and collaboration needs of most businesses. We also know that sometimes, our customers may have an app they like using more than ours.

Imagine that! Purpose-built software targeting a specific market need absolutely knocking it out of the park on features and capabilities.

It’s about freedom of choice and also about connecting the dots within the enterprise–the interoperability of people, processes and systems–and not competition, and not locking you into a siloed architecture stack. Some of your favorite apps might have similar functionality to our own, but if they are integral to your business, we want to make it as easy as possible to integrate them into your workflows. We consider it a privilege to serve as the foundation of our customers’ communication and collaboration strategies, and view our role as key enablers of the best experiences and outcomes possible.

That’s why Zimbra is designed for extensibility and features best-in-class, out-of-the-box integrations with the most popular third-party apps. By making it possible for customers to access the apps they love right from within their Zimbra mailbox, we know we’re helping to save time, money and a whole lotta compatibility aggravation. We’re also helping connect dots within the enterprise across people, processes and systems.

Here are just some of our favorite apps that we’ve already integrated directly into Zimbra:

Zoom video conferencing – Many came before but Zoom revolutionized video conferencing. And just in time to help keep the entire world connected amid the pandemic. It remains one of the most robust, scalable, feature-rich solutions to meet virtually.

Slack collaboration hub – Let’s face it, sometimes slacking is a lot easier than email. Another game-changing company, Slack did what so many others struggled to do: improve upon email for certain team engagements to make it even easier to get work done. Slack will never replace email, but we see it as a truly worthy companion.

Dropbox – Ahh, the company that rescued us from the dreaded plight of shared physical drives. And really one of the first breakout cloud-based office productivity darlings. All these years later and Dropbox still makes it easier than most to move large files around and easily share data access with teams

Whatever you want – No, that’s not the name of a hot new app. Rather, it’s what’s possible when our users take advantage of our extensibility functionality to create Zimlets. Now, organizations can custom-design their own integrations with Zimbra for the most tailored experience ever.

Zimbra is fully committed to creating a collaboration ecosystem that helps small businesses, enterprises and other organizations improve how they interact with the services they use day-to-day. And we never want to force you to pay more for apps that just aren’t a fit for you.

So go ahead, use those third-party apps in conjunction with Zimbra and never hesitate to let us know what we can do to make your life easier!

Thanks for helping us make Zimbra great!
Your Zimbra Team

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