Haunted by Embarrassing Email Address? How your email can show customers you mean business

Hi Zimbra Customers, Partners & Friends,

Live enough years using tech and you’re likely to amass some digital skeletons in the closet.

Especially if you were born before this century, chances are your first email address alias may be just a touch embarrassing.

  • Maybe too cutesy? What say you, prettyeyes1173xoxo@aol.com?
  • Too juvenile? We’re looking at you footballhooligan99@hotmail.com!
  • TMI? Yes, you animeaddict4life@cs.com!

In fact, let’s all share a collective facepalm for any resume bearing a contact email even remotely close to those above.

Truth is, our email address says a lot about us. And at some point in our lives, we eventually settle on an email address that spares us from cringing every time we give it out to someone.

But sometimes we hold onto things just a little too long. Case in point: the businesses still out there rocking non-branded email addresses. The worst part is customers notice.

When the Visible Brand agency conducted a survey of consumers about first impressions when seeing a non-domain-level email address on a business card, the message was clear: it looks unprofessional. Or so said a whopping 70% of respondents.

Some of the feedback was harsh. “Maybe it’s a fly by night operation.” “It shows cheapness or lack of commitment to the business.” “If a company doesn’t bother to get a domain name with email, what else don’t they bother to do?”

Harsh? Yes. Still, it’s important to recognize the role that email plays in how your business is perceived.

We get it. It can be intimidating trying to figure out how to register a web domain, choose a hosting company and migrate old email over to a fresh new inbox. Or learning a whole new email system altogether! We also know most smaller businesses don’t have the luxury of IT shops to handle all this. And they’re, ya know, sorta busy running every other aspect of their business.

The good news is that it’s getting easier and cheaper than ever to turn your generic email address into a professional one. How easy? Small businesses in the US and Canada signing up for Zimbra Cloud need only enter their registered domain,  and then Zimbra partner, XMission helps take care of the rest. How cheap? Well, simply pop your info into this handy online Zimbra email cost saving calculator to find out.

We’ve estimated you can save as much as 50% migrating to Zimbra as compared to the other big players. If the math makes sense and you’re ready to rip off that generic email bandaid, we can help. In addition to keeping costs to a minimum, we can also give your overall email an upgrade. More storage! Add more users! Get more services like chat, video conferencing, file sharing and storage.

Now’s the perfect time to show your customers you mean business. And it’s not just about professionalism. Consider these other benefits of professional email hosted on your branded domain:

  • Perfect personalization. You can finally choose the email name you want. No more frustratingly settling for whatever the big generic players have left.
  • Add more users as you go. Business growing? It’s easy to add a new employee in any name format you want.
  • Easier to remember. When you give out your email address to customers, they’ll actually remember it. Especially if your domain matches your website!
  • It’s yours, forever. Let’s say the generic email provider you use goes under or rebrands. It happens all the time, forcing users to start from scratch. Plan in advance with branded email to eliminate this potential headache.
  • Keep your email private. Some big providers snoop on your email to deliver ads or services. Choosing your own domain gives you the freedom to host with an email provider that values your privacy.

Contact us today to see how easy it is to get started with your own branded business email address.


Your Zimbra Team

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