Zimbra Breakfast and Channel Enablement – Chile and Peru

The strongest economies with the highest growth in Latin America are Chile and Peru. In this context, Zimbra decided to develop the opportunities and relationship in these territories by visiting Customers and Partners, developing a better partnership and resulting in better market opportunities.

Breakfast Chile

On April 19th, Jonatan Puente (our Channel & Marketing Manager) visited Santiago de Chile and led a Customer Success Breakfast in the office of Adistec (distributor). He shared the last updates and strategy about Zimbra. Around sixteen end-users from different places of Chile participated in the Event. VZION (Zimbra VAR| http://www.vzion.net), and their Zimbra expert, Ismael Cifuentes, presented the technical side of Zimbra Talk. The customers asked a lot of questions and had an active participation during the presentation, demonstrating the growing interest that have the Chile market around Zimbra.


Breakfast Perú

On April 21st, Zimbra ran the first Customer Breakfast in Peru. The legendary city of Lima received Zimbra in the best way. Jonatan Puente from Zimbra and Germán Yovan from Linware presented the strategy and the new Zimbra Talk to interested customers. The feedback was excellent and the interest in Zimbra quite huge. Germán answered a lot of technical questions and the feedback was great.


Channel Enablement Perú

On April 22nd, Zimbra conducted the first Channel Enablement event in Peru. We understand that, by giving assets to the partners, the results will be great! Jonatan Puente shared with the attendees the vision about Zimbra, and how to sell Zimbra, giving them ways and tips to cover customers requirements.

If you want to attend to our next Events, you might find the complete list in our Events website.

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