One Week Left for the Upgrade Assessment Discount

By now, you may have watched the upgrade webinar that explores Zimbra Collaboration’s three upgrade methods. With only one week left before the upgrade assessment discount expires, we want to share some tips an email sysadmin might find useful.

  • Have good backups.
  • Update your operating system.
  • Install LibreOffice before upgrading Zimbra on a new mailbox server.
    • As of Zimbra Collaboration 8.6, you can take advantage of LibreOffice for high-fidelity document preview in web browsers. Pre-installing it will help simplify the process, but it can be installed later.
  • Verify certificate trust chains and expiration dates; broken trust chains and/or expired certificates will cause the process to fail.
    • You can check certificates in the admin console by clicking “Configure” then “Certificates” and checking each server.

For additional information on the upgrade program offered through Zimbra profession services, please take a quick read through our previous post.

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