Zimbra Desktop Beta 1

Late last year, Zimbra introduced the world to a new way of thinking about AJAX applications. We took our powerful Web Client, and took it offline using technologies such as Jetty and Derby. Since then, Zimbra Desktop has been a hit, and our Engineers have been working hard to pack in new features. Well now, we’ve released Zimbra Desktop Beta 1.

Since the beginning, people have wanted to know: “Can I use your Web Client with my existing mail server?” Sadly, our answer has been no, because of how integrated it is to the server. Well now you can. In Zimbra Desktop Beta 1, we’ve included the ability to send and receive via POP3 , IMAP, and Yahoo! Mail Plus (via IMAP as well).

Zimbra Desktop is also Open Source, so we have put the source in our Public P4 Cache, and will be posting instructions in our wiki on building it soon.

Zimbra Desktop is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Zimbra Desktop Downloads
Zimbra Desktop Wiki Page
Zimbra Desktop Forum

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