Zimbra.Next (codename: JudasPriest): Full Steam Ahead

By | July 24, 2013
It was a crazy first week at the new Telligent + Zimbra. I spent the week in Japan talking with some of our largest partners and customers. As we talked through our vision for a unified social collaboration suite (for which there is no Japanese translation), several questions came up. One we consistently heard was, “what about Zimbra.Next?” The Zimbra.Next release train has been rolling and there’s no stopping it now. We’ve made a commitment to our customers and partners and we have no intention on going back on that.… Read more »


Zimbra (JudasPriest) Release Update 1

By | April 5, 2013
As promised here’s an update on a few of the major projects we are working on for the JudasPriest release of Zimbra. Overall, our goal for the release is to innovate around our web app using HTML5 capabilities that run on any desktop, tablet, and mobile device while providing support for native clients using sync protocols. Here’s what we’re working on. HTML5 Offline Web App With our mission to drive advancements in Zimbra into the browser as our primary client experience, so goes Zimbra Desktop. ZD was essentially an offline HTML experience using SQL lite to store data, Jetty to serve our web app locally, and Prism (Firefox) to render the client UI. HTML5 enables us to cache our web app in local storage and provide SQL services, via IndexedDB embedded within Chrome, IE, and FireFox, to store and retrieve a local cache of your mailbox data. Initially we will support mail, calendar, and contacts and we’re taking the approach of syncing your current working set of data up to 30 days similar to a mobile experience where you typically don’t sync your entire 30GB mailbox. For those that must have their entire 30GB mailbox locally with them at all times, we are continuing to make advancements in the sync protocols and Desktop clients we support…keep reading.… Read more »

Z8 Convo View

Making Sense of Email Overload with Zimbra 8

By | September 20, 2012
Almost everyone gets too much email.  Important messages can get lost in the clutter of a busy inbox. As part of the focus on the user interface that I wrote about in a previous post (Zimbra 8 User Interface: The Changes That You Don't See), Zimbra 8 includes two enhancements to help you handle large volumes of email: improved conversation views and activity streams. Following the conversation Conversations are a great way to group and manage related emails. The Zimbra 8 web interface has significant improvements to how it handles email conversations. To try the conversation view, choose By Conversation from the View menu.… Read more »


VMware’s Path To Cloud Messaging & Collaboration – Introducing Zimbra 8

By | July 11, 2012
Today we’re announcing Zimbra 8.0, the newest version of the messaging and collaboration suite built for the Post-PC era. Zimbra 8.0 includes simplified communications  - via our partnerships with Cisco and Mitel - improved cloud manageability and an easier to use personal cloud of email, address book and calendar.  Zimbra 8.0 follows the release of Zimbra 7.2 last quarter and expands our commitment to the collaboration market. The Beta version of Zimbra 8.… Read more »

Announcing the Release of VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server 7.2

By | May 3, 2012
Zimbra 7.2 has arrived, with significant capabilities and enhancements to make collaboration easier and more secure for both users and administrators. To begin with, your emails are protected with S/MIME encryption and signing, both of which are now native to the Zimbra Web Client and work with Outlook using the Zimbra Connector for Outlook. Which is to say, messages can be read only by the intended recipient, with the sender’s identity assured. Previously, just the communication itself could be secured via SSL. With S/MIME, the data inside is encrypted as well, adding a second layer of protection. Government users of Zimbra will be happy to learn that 7.2 also implements two-way SSL authentication with Smartcards and Common Access Cards (CAC) issued by the Department of Defense.… Read more »

End-of-life for Zimbra 5

By | March 2, 2012
Zimbra Collaboration Server 5 Technical Guidance, including phone support and support portal/self-help resources, will end of life on March 31, 2012. Customers are encouraged to upgrade to Zimbra Collaboration Server 7 to enjoy the benefits of the new features and support options. More Info >>> Zimbra will offer phased support from the general availability of a new Major Release. Please keep current with product updates to ensure no interruptions in your support services. (Visit the Downloads page for all product updates.… Read more »