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New Patches for You! Zimbra 8.8.8 “Turing” Patch 1 + Zimbra 8.7.11 Patch 2

Patch 1 has been issued for 8.8.8 GA release that includes fixes as listed in the release notes. Fixed Issues (Bugzilla query) 35115 RFE: Handling multi-valued zimbraAuthLdapURL 108928 [Defanger] Specific message causing defanger to loop and cause high CPU load 108929 [Zimbra Chat] Multiple spaces getting trimmed from chat message 108930 [Zimbra Talk] “Incoming video […]

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Zimbra Forum France 2018 … That’s a Wrap!

We just wrapped Zimbra Forum France 2018–an event filled with announcements for our partners and customers! Marcus Teo (SVP, Enterprise Sales & Marketing), Rene Otto (VP Email & Collaboration) and other Zimbra experts shared the stage to reveal details about the upcoming Zimbra release and its new features. Forum highlights included: A keynote with Rene Otto of […]

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Zimbra Admin Alert … Potential “memcrashd” attack

Zimbra memcached may face the “memcrashd” attack on port 11211. By default, memcached listens on a server IP address that is accessible on the network and via the internet if there is no firewall. If your Zimbra memcache servers are behind a firewall, we recommend blocking access on port 11211 from the Internet to Zimbra […]

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